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Swallowing Difficulties Treatment in Dublin

A multi-disciplinary team approach is used in the treatment for dysphagia with Speech and Language Therapists and Dietitians having a key role in the management of the condition. Swallowing difficulties are associated with many conditions including Parkinson's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and Stroke. Based on your case history, and condition a detailed assessment of your swallow will be carried out.


our Treatment

The therapy for swallowing involves rehabilitation techniques and compensatory strategies depending on the individual and the condition the swallowing difficulty is associated with.  Based on the outcome of your Swallowing Assessment the Dietitian will devise a plan for you that is safe but also meets your nutritional requirements. Frequent monitoring is needed as your condition may change.

As part of the treatment plan our SLT will also liaise with the SLT in the hospital and other involved healthcare professionals to ensure continuity of care.


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Swallowing Difficulties
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