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Autumn Speech and Language Activities

It’s always great to have activities that can be incorporated with the time of the year. So, below are some great Autumn speech therapy activities that we have put together that you can do with your child to improve his/her speech and language skills.

Outside Play

Grab your jackets and rakes and head outside! While you and your children are raking and playing in the leaves, talk about what you are doing and what you see. Some common autumn nouns may include – leaf, rake, tree, branch, acorn, squirrel, stick etc. The more times your child hears these words, the more likely he/she is to retain and learn them. 

A fun way to work on verbs is to make a pile of leaves and then practice different actions through the pile. For example, you can tell your child to march, stomp, skip, run, or roll through the pile.

For practising adjectives, try and get your child to describe the colour and texture of the leaves - green, red, orange, yellow, brown, dry, rough, smooth, pretty etc.

Autumn Poem

Try read to your kids from an autumn themed book and talk about the vocabulary associated with the season before writing a cool poem using the template below. This can target vocabulary and syntax.

Autumn Treats

Try preparing some candy apples with your child. Practice language skills by asking them to remember the steps and sequence to the recipe (using the picture prompts below). Ask them to describe the taste and texture of the apples with words like gooey, hot, sticky, and sweet.