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Social Skills /Social Communication

The term social communication encompasses various elements of communication as verbal, non –verbal, conversational and social skills. Speech and Language Therapists at Spectrum Health can provide therapy and training for the development of social skills and improvement in social communication. This therapy is tailored towards adults with High Functioning Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome as these groups commonly lack social communication abilities. 

Symptoms Of Social Difficulties in Adults

The term social communication encompasses various elements of communication as verbal, non –verbal, pragmatics and social skills.

Adults lacking any of these social communication skills may be struggling in various aspects of day to day life such as job performance, social interaction and family life. These adults may become isolated and withdrawn over time if these difficulties are ignored and would benefit hugely from the Speech and Language service we provide at Spectrum Health.

Treatment of Social Difficulties In Adults

If you are struggling socially our Speech and Language Therapists can perform an assessment to establish exactly what social communication difficulties you are experiencing and in what way they impact on your daily life. We will use formal and informal tests as well as observations to see how you interact with the world around you.

From the assessment our SLT will fully understand the problems you are having and will agree with you the appropriate therapy programme to help increase your social communication skills. Our SLTs may provide therapy in an individual or group setting where you will practice and learn tools and strategies to maximise your social skills, which will help you to feel more at ease in a variety of social settings. Through Spectrum Health’s therapy programmes, communication abilities will be strengthened and improved to help manage or overcome prior limitations and build confidence. Sessions may focus on introducing oneself, first impressions, starting a conversation and so forth.

Our Expertise

The different aspects of social communication that our SLTs will assess and consequently provide therapy for if required include:

Non-verbal communication - Spectrum Health SLTs will work on developing on forms of communication without using words. Instead of words interaction is made through gestures, body language, eye contact and touch.

Para-linguistic skills – this involves other elements of communication for example the tone of voice, the volume and speed of speech as well as the fluency and clarity.  They will work on how to differentiate between an aggressive and an assertive tone and how to tell the difference.

Conversational skills – we can work on conversational skills such as turn taking, eye contact, not interrupting, remaining on topic and standing the appropriate distance from others when speaking to them.

Social skills and Friendship skills  -how to start friendships and try to maintain them.

We will assess, diagnose and provide treatment for social communication difficulties. All of Spectrum Health’s Adult Speech and Language therapists are qualified from University with a B.Sc. or M.sc (Hons) in Speech and Language Therapy and have ample experience working with adults who have social communication difficulties.