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Social skills /social communication – Children

Speech and Language Therapists at Spectrum Health can provide therapy and training for the development of social skills and improvement in social communication. As it is children and teenagers with ADHD and those on the Autism Spectrum that most often lack social communication abilities, we have tailored this service towards these particular groups but any child lacking social skills can benefit from therapy.

Symptoms Of Social skills /social communication Difficulties

The term social communication encompasses various elements of communication such as verbal, non –verbal, pragmatics and social skills.

Children who lack any of the social communication skills outlined above may be experiencing lower levels of social acceptance in the form of teasing, bullying or exclusion. These children can benefit hugely from the Speech and Language services we provide at Spectrum Health.

Treatment Of Social Skills /Social Communication Difficulties

The areas of social communication that our SLTs work on with patients include:

• Conversation skills – ability to start, maintain and end a conversation. It also includes how to ask appropriate questions, make relevant comments and actively listen to your conversation partner.
• Non-verbal communication – here our SLTs will work on developing on forms of communication without using words. Instead of words interaction is made through gestures, body language, eye contact and touch.
• Para-linguistic skills – this involves other elements of communication such as tone of voice, volume, rate of speech, clarity and fluency, and being able to differentiate between an assertive and an aggressive tone of voice.
• Friendship skills - Our SLTs will help children to develop their social skills.

Our Expertise of Social Skills /Social Communication Difficulties

Spectrum Health SLTs have completed specialist training and have years of experience of working with children who present with social communication problems.

All of Spectrum Health’s Paediatric Speech and Language therapists are qualified from University with a B.Sc. or M.sc (Hons) in Speech and Language Therapy and have ample experience working with children who experience social communication difficulties.